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  • description

    • Cast iron is tempered for stress relief to ensure structural stability without deformation

    • Pre-tension on all axes minimizes thermal distortion

    • C3 class ballscrews ensures the highest accuracy and durability

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ Fully enclosed splash guard

    ✔Belt drive spindle 10000 rpm

    ✔24 pockets arm tool changer

    ✔Chain type chip conveyor

    ✔Air-conditioned electrical cabinet

    ✔Rigid tapping

    ✔Ethernet, CF card and USB


    ✔Automatic lubrication system

    ✔Coolant system

    ✔LED working lamp

    ✔End of program light

    ✔Electronic handwheel (MPG)

    ✔Tool box

    ✔Leveling bolts and blocks

    ✔Coolant gun

    ✔Air gun

    ✔Chip flushing system

    ✔User Manual

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Spindle speed 12000 rpm, direct drive

    ■ Spindle oil cooler

    ■ CTS Coolant through spindle + ATS

    ■ Oil skimmer

    ■ Workpiece probe

    ■ Tool probe

    ■ 4th axis

    ■ 4/5th axis

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