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V-Turn Pro+ D

V-Turn Pro+ D


  • Standard configuration

    ■ Siemens 840D

    ■ Tool changer (16 pcs. including for milling)

    ■ C-axis

    ■ 4-jaw face plate

    ■ Air conditioning for control cabinet

    ■ Coolant system

    ■ Hydraulic unit

    ■ Automatic lubrication system

    ■ Main bearing oil cooler

    ■ Work lamp (Red-Yellow-Green)

    ■ X-axis Steel cover

    ■ Levelling screws, foundation bolts and nuts

    ■ Toolbox

    ■ Complete set of operating and maintenance manuals for machine and control system

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Coolant through spindle 30 bar (10~20μm filtration)

    ■ X1, X2, Z1, Z2 axis scale from Heidenhain

    ■ Workpiece probe Renishaw

    ■ Renishaw tool probe

    ■ 8-jaw face plate

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