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MINI Center

MINI Center

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Mini Center - The entry into the world of milling

What is a CNC Mini Center? The term CNC stands for "Computer Numerical Control".
The definition of CNC machining explains that it is a subtractive manufacturing process, typically using computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece - known as a blank or workpiece - to produce a custom part.

Put more simply: Our CNC Mini Center is a machine tool - one of the smallest in the world. It fulfills all the functions of a "large" machine tool. Only the weight of the workpiece is limited to 200 kilograms due to the "small size" of the machine.

The Mini Center scores as a fully integrated CNC machining center with an excellent price-performance ratio. We install the same top-level components in this series as in all other PRIMINER series.
We make no compromises here!

Applications & Versatility

The Priminer Mini Center is used for the following processes, among others:

  • for milling
  • for drilling
  • for rubbing
  • for thread cutting
  • for counter-drilling / countersinking of valves, cams, forms / dies, clamping workpieces and housing parts in the automotive and motorcycle industry,
  • in mechanical engineering, sewing machine industry and instrument industry, especially those in complex shapes such as 2D or 3D concave/convex shapes and cavities.

The machine is suitable for either small/medium-sized patch production with multiple products, or for mass production when installed in a production line.
If you are looking for a machining center to start CNC machining, Mini Center is your best choice.

These fast, light and dynamic machines are ideal for training, workshops, metalworking, mold making and research and development. They are equipped with tried-and-tested HIWIN linear guides and you can choose between an ISO 40 or BT 40 spindle taper.
In addition, it can be an affordable training machine for schools and trainees.

The advantages of using CNC machines:


  • CNC machines can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year uninterrupted & only need to be turned off for occasional maintenance.
  • CNC machines are programmed with a design that can be manufactured hundreds or thousands of times. Every product manufactured is exactly the same.
  • Less skilled/trained people can operate CNC machines thanks to the assistive control, unlike conventional lathes/milling machines etc which require skilled personnel.
  • CNC machines can be upgraded by improving the software used to drive the machines
  • Training courses on handling CNCs are offered through the use of "virtual software". This is software that allows the operator to practice using the CNC machine on the screen of a computer.
    The structure of the software is similar to a computer game.
  • CNC machines can be programmed with advanced design software such as Pro / DESKTOP(R). This allows for the creation of products that cannot be made by manual machines, even by experienced designers/engineers.
  • Modern design software allows the designer to simulate the manufacture of his idea. There is no need to make a prototype or model.
    That saves time and money.
  • One person can supervise many CNC machines because once programmed, they can usually work independently.
    Only the cutting tools need to be replaced occasionally.
  • A skilled engineer can make the same component many times.
    In hindsight, if each component is carefully examined, it will vary slightly.
  • A CNC machine manufactures each component with an exact fit.


At Priminer we only use the best machinery to ensure your Mini Center is manufactured to the highest quality possible.

Contact us today for an offer!

  • description

    • Training

    • Tool room workshop

    • Metal parts machining

    • Model making

    • R&D

    • Cast iron is tempered for stress relief to ensure machine stability without deformation

  • Standard configuration

    ✔Fully enclosed splash guard

    ✔Belt drive spindle 10000 rpm

    ✔12 position umbrella tool


    ✔Heat exchanger for electrical


    ✔Rigid tapping

    ✔Ethernet, CF card and USB


    ✔Automatic lubrication system

    ✔Coolant system

    ✔LED working lamp

    ✔End of program light

    ✔Electronic handwheel (MPG)

    ✔Tool box

    ✔Leveling bolts and blocks

    ✔Coolant gun

    ✔Air gun

    ✔Chip flushing system

    ✔User Manual

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Spindle oil cooler

    ■ Workpiece probe

    ■ Tool probe

    ■ 4th axis

    ■ Oil skimmer

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