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  • description

    • Best Choice for high speed cutting

    • Gantry design with fixed worktable

    • Dual drive system with two ballscrews on Y

    axis to ensure the best dynamic.

    • Compact design with mini. floor plan area

    • Built-in spindle 36000 rpm, HSK E50

    • Optional with graphite machining preparation

  • standard configuration

    ✔Full enclosed splash guard

    ✔ Built-in motor spindle HSK E50

    36000 rpm

    ✔32 pockets tool changer

    ✔Chain type chip conveyor

    ✔Air-conditioned electrical cabinet

    ✔High precision spindle water


    ✔Linear scales on X/Y/Z axis

    ✔Rigid tapping

    ✔Ethernet, CF card and USB


    ✔Centralized automatic grease

    lubrication system

    ✔Coolant system

    ✔Air blast during cutting

    ✔LED working lamp

    ✔End of program light

    ✔Electronic handwheel (MPG)

    ✔Tool box

    ✔Leveling bolts and blocks

    ✔Coolant gun

    ✔Air gun

    ✔User Manual

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Built-in spindle HSK A63 20000rpm, 32 pockets tool changer

    ■ Built-in spindle HSK E32 40000rpm, 48 pockets tool changer

    ■ Graphite Machining Preparation

    ■ Oil mist collector

    ■ Oil cooling through ballscrew

    ■ CTS Coolant through spindle + ATS

    ■ Oil skimmer

    ■ Minimum Quantity Lubrication system

    ■ Coolant Cooling system

    ■ Workpiece probe

    ■ Tool probe

    ■ Extra 200GB SSD program memory

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