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  • description

    • High-speed and high-precision machining, widely used in die and mold, electronics, defense, aerospace and medical industries
    • Double-armed A(B)/C head with torque motor direct drive
    • Heidenhain linear scales on the X, Y and Z axes

  • standard configuration

    ✔ Fully enclosed splash guard

    ✔ Direct drive A(B)/C head

    ✔ Chip conveyor (two screw conveyors and one chain conveyor)

    ✔ Air-conditioned control cabinet

    ✔ High-precision water cooler for the spindle

    ✔ Linear scales on X/Y/Z axis

    ✔ Rotary encoder on A(B)/C axis

    ✔ Rigid thread cutting

    ✔ Ethernet, CF card and USB interface

    ✔ Automatic lubrication system

    ✔ Coolant system

    ✔ Blower during cutting

    ✔ LED work light

    ✔ Program end light

    ✔ Electronic handwheel (MPG)

    ✔ Tool box

    ✔ Leveling bolts and blocks

    ✔ Coolant gun

    ✔ Air pistol

    ✔ User manual

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Built-in spindle HSK A100 12000


    ■ CTS Coolant through spindle + ATS

    ■ Oil skimmer

    ■ Coolant Cooling system

    ■ Workpiece probe

    ■ Tool probe

    ■ Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM)

    ■ Kinmatics

    ■ Extra 200GB SSD program memory

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